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Wieland & Ulrich People Vinyl

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The Cologne-based producer duo Wieland & Ulrich release "people", their first own vinyl. The album is a lovingly compiled work of art full of jazz inspired boom bap beats.                     

A1 valem 02:24
A2 those days 02:09
A3 constant 02:23
A4 don't worry 02:23
A5 freezy's dream 01:33
A6 kind of 01:15
A7 lost 02:19
A8 remain 02:23
A9 don't look back 01:57
A10 toledo 01:20

B1 one time 02:12
B2 johnny 02:29
B3 first time 02:23
B4 area code 01:32
B5 daily grind 02:02
B6 you know 02:35
B7 iomega 02:07
B8 brui 01:46
B9 pines 02:02
B10 montreal 01:18