Goji Vibes Vol. 3, Vinyl

Various Artists Goji Vibes Vol. 3 Vinyl

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Goji Vibes Vol. 3 features producers from all over the world - some well-known label friends and a few new faces that convinced us with their wonderful approach to music. The result is 14 tracks from 20 producers that will make you enjoy sipping cocktails in the sun or make working easier.

Goji Vibes Vol. 3 featuring artists:
7apes (DE) Alcynoos (US) Civin (DE) Dualizm (DE) flamingo zamperoni (DE) Garo (DE) Gnarly (UK) Grmmr.126 (DE) Guzimi (DE) Lamar Azul (US) Little Monarch (US) MagFi (US) mädmäx (DE) Nikkito (ES) ONO1 (DE) paibo (US) RAEDY (DE) Sátyr (DE) Snooze Operator (DE) West MAAD (ES)

A1 Civin - Nowhere
A2 Guzimi - Days Off 
A3 Little Monarch - Drifting 
A4 Wezt MAAD & Nikkito - Túcan 
A5 Snooze Operator & Grmmr.126 - Chirping Birds
A6 7apes - A Day At The Park
A7 RAEDY - Wallabees
B1 Sátyr & Garo - Amarone
B2 Dualizm - Easier
B3 mädmäx & ONO1 - Panther
B4 Alcynoos & Lamar Azul - Fo Yo Mind
B5 flamingo zamperoni - wanderlust
B6 paibo, MagFi & Grmmr.126 - Some Vibes ft. Grmmr.126
B7 Gnarly - Until The Very End